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March 19, 2019 all-day
Fiction Addiction
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Nonfiction Trust Fall Book

Releases March 19th, 2019
Hardcover, $29.99

Pre-order today!

Store owner Jill Hendrix has fallen in love with an extremely readable, original, surprising, and even humorous in places debut nonfiction hardcover book that is publishing in mid-March for $29.99. She has coerced friends, family, and staff all into reading it, and each and every one LOVED it despite have reservations going in!

We’re convinced that you all will love it as well, even if you don’t normally read nonfiction. (Jill’s mom — our big mystery reader — hasn’t read a nonfiction book in years, yet she loved it.)

However, we;re afraid the title/back blurb might turn you off, even if you are already a nonfiction fan, just like it gave our initial readers some reservations. Thus, we are keeping the title a secret and are asking you to¬†agree to pre-order this book, sight unseen, just based on Jill’s love for it.

We think this will be a great fit for 99% of you, but we are offering you a full money-back guarantee in case you’re one of the 1% who try it but don’t love it as much as we have.