Southern Author Panel Talk & Signing Fiction Addiction


September 9, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
$10   Tickets
Fiction Addiction
1175 Woods Crossing Rd #5
Greenville, SC 29607

Meet these Southern authors at a book talk, followed by a Q&A session and a book signing, on Saturday, September 9th, at 2pm at Fiction Addiction: Roger Johns (author of Dark River Rising [Minotaur Books, hardcover, $26.99, on sale 8/29/17]), Lawrence Thackston (author of Carolina Cruel [Rivers Turn Press, paperback, $14.95]), Sean Keefer (author of The Solicitor [paperback, $16.95]), and Brock Adams (author of Ember [paperback, $18.00, on sale 9/5/17]).


*Note: Tickets are $10 each. Each ticket admits one and can be redeemed for $10 off the featured authors’ books.


Dark River RisingDark River Rising is a tense and expertly-plotted mystery set against the bayous of Louisiana, from debut author Roger Johns.

Baton Rouge Police Detective Wallace Hartman has had better days. With her long-time partner and mentor on medical leave and a personal life in shambles, she’s called to the scene of a particularly gruesome murder: the body of a known criminal has been found in a deserted warehouse, a snake sewn into his belly. Obvious signs of torture point to a cunning and cold-blooded killer who will stop at nothing to find what he’s looking for.

When Federal Agent Mason Cunningham arrives on the scene, Wallace expects a hostile takeover of the case. But when a scientist with ties to the victim goes missing from a government lab, she needs Mason’s federal connections as much as he needs her local insight, and the two form an uneasy partnership to solve a case that grows more complicated — and dangerous — by the minute.

Meanwhile, the killer lurks in the shadows with an agenda no one saw coming, and when Wallace and Mason threaten to get in the way they risk losing everything they hold dear. Including their lives.


Carolina CruelIn the deep swamps of the South Carolina Low Country, two hunters stumble upon a sheriff’s patrol car, which disappeared over forty years before. Inside the car are bullet holes, blood stains, and scattered bones that provide long-awaited clues to solving one of the Palmetto State’s greatest mysteries. Enter cold case reporter, Tindal Huddleston, who must weave through local resistance and historical angst to piece together the explosive story of race, politics, crime, and corruption. She recruits Chan Adams, a burned-out former reporter of the local paper, who must overcome the demons of his own painful past before involving himself again in the decades-old case. Against impossible odds, the two reporters will make startling connections between an executed mass murderer, the fallout from the 1968 Orangeburg Massacre, and the hanging of one of the state’s most prominent citizens. And in their search for answers, they will discover a cruelty so devastating; it will change countless lives forever. Mystery fans will enjoy Lawrence Thackston’s Carolina Cruel, a suspenseful page-turner filled with historical significance and social commentary.


The SolicitorAn attorney behind bars seeks justice in The Solicitor, the sequel to Sean Keefer’s debut novel The Trust.

When you make your living fighting for justice, the last place you expect to wake up is behind bars. Attorney Noah Parks has spent his life keeping people out of jail. When he’s charged with the murder of a candidate for Charleston County Solicitor he finds himself on the wrong side of the law for a crime he says he didn’t commit

No longer fighting for others and now relying on the help of the few people he does trust, Noah must fight to clear his name and find the real killer before it’s too late.

His search will lead him through a maze of deceptions, lies, family turmoil, and treachery that spans generations.

The Solicitor is set in historic Charleston and the surrounding South Carolina Lowcountry where under the surface things are not always as genteel as they appear.


EmberThree years ago, the sun began to die.

In a desperate attempt to reignite the failing star, the United States had joined the rest of the planet in unloading its nuclear arsenal at the flickering ember. The missiles burst from silos in Wyoming and Bangladesh, cocooning the earth in tendrils of smoke as they began their two-and-a-half year journey into space. When they finally reach their target, it’s thirty degrees in July and getting colder. Lisa and her husband, Guy, sit shivering on a Southern hilltop, watching as humanity’s last hope at survival shimmers faintly…and then disappears below the horizon.

A group of militant rebels called the Minutemen take advantage of the ensuing chaos to knock out power grids, cloaking the freezing earth in near darkness. Seizing control. To escape this ruthless new world order, Lisa and Guy join a reluctant band of refugees crossing the snow-covered South in search of shelter and answers. From an icy parking lot in Atlanta to the Minutemen’s makeshift headquarters at Asheville’s Biltmore Estate, only one thing is certain: in a world with little light, nothing is guaranteed — least of all survival.

Brock Adams’ Ember is the 2016 winner of the South Carolina First Novel Prize as judged by novelist Bridgett M. Davis.